Syringe Painting

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Oh! Blogsphere! I have the most wonderful art experience to share. I am sure that this has been done a million times, but it was a little flash of excited lighting in my brain while at the art store this morning. I noticed a syringe amongst some of the other supplies – and who doesn’t notice a syringe in an art store? It seemed a bit out of place, but I also immediately thought back to memories of being a kid and my mom coming home from the hospital with plastic syringes for my brother and I to play with – filling them up with water and squirting each other – LOADS. OF. FUN. Anyway, I thought that instead of water – why not paint?

Let me tell you the secret subtitle to today’s post before you read any further: There Is Paint ALL OVER My Kitchen. Only slightly exaggerating. But who cares when your child has this much squealy-laughy-giggly fun making beautiful artwork? The process was fantastic and, I have to say, the product was brilliant – wall worthy, for sure.

Here’s what you need:

Liquid Tempra Paint (we used a variety of gauche colours)
Plastic Syringe
Some type of little pots for the paint
Protection for your floor (we used more of the IKEA cardboard)
Canvass or paper (or whatever your little heart desires)

Here’s what you do:

We laid our cardboard down and got to it by adding our paint to the pots (one colour at a time). I did add a little water to the paint, just so it would suck up  more easily in the syringe.
Aodhan sucked and squirted, sucked and squirted. All I did was repeat as calmly as possible: “toward the canvass, toward the canvass” and wipe up the walls. Easy and lovely.

Honestly, one of the best art experiences we have shared. Highly, highly recommend it. I am not sure that all art shops will carry your syringe needs, so stop  by a pharmacy or ask your mom (if yours also works at a hospital and is as cool as mine).

Jackson Pollock eat your heart out!

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