Winter Solstice Sunshine Pancakes

My heart sits much better with the traditions and lore that surrounds Winter Solstice. They have managed to be slightly less corrupted than the activities related to Christmas. This morning we welcomed Winter Solstice a little earlier than I had hoped, but we did it with a smile and a little cook up.

It was lovely to talk about how the days will now lengthen, culminating in the summer festivities that last well into the night and how the animals will welcome our walk through the woods today, eager for a palm full of nuts and seeds. It thrills me to see Aodhan’s genuine interest in, and now knowledge of, Winter Solstice; what it means not only to the world but to our family. I strive to offer him a rhythm, which of course ends up being hugely disrupted with family visits that take place at this time of the year. Today’s celebration will serve as a reminder to hold him extra tight and dig even deeper to find the patience that will grant him the extra space to feel all of the wild emotions that come with stepping out of one’s usual rhythm.

We had a lovely time sketching out a blue print for our Solstice Sunshine Pancakes. He selected giant sidewalk chalk as his initial material, perhaps as a way to call out to the summer sun that we so desperately try and remember on this day. We finished it off with some oil pastels, laughing and joking over the ‘mama-sun’, ‘papa-sun’ and ‘aodhan-sun’ that filled the page.

The kitten helped Aodhan and his dad make the pancakes, while I sliced up banana for the sunshine’s rays.

Want to make your own vegan Solstice Sunshine Pancakes?

1 cup of AP flour (sifted)1 tsp of Baking Powder
squidge of vanilla
2 tsp of maple syrup
2 TBSP of flax with 5 TBSP of hot water (mix together)
1 cup of milk (this varies with flour though, so use discretion and instinct)

Mix ingredients together and add a ladle full to a very hot frying pan. When you see bubbles and the sides look a little brownish – flip.
Enjoy with maple or agave syrup. We added some banana sunshine rays.

I wish all of you a very blissful Winter Solstice. I truly hope that you are celebrating and loving with people that take care of you and return the adoration you give them.

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