Making Stop Motion Films with Early Learners

Inspired by the Lego stop motion of KaiMcn who has a great Tumblr full of fun stop motion movies, Aodhan made his first film today – Dinosaurs Interrupted. 

Stop Motion Movie for Early Learners

Having never created with stop motion concepts before, I was initially a little daunted, but the guy really had his concept all worked out – I just needed to get my act together and figure out how best to do it.

Here is what we did:

1. We planned out our storyline – I explained that we needed to capture a small idea or sequence (basically because it is a lot of shots for a small amount of story). He whittled his idea down to: dinosaur is hungry > dinosaur walks to food > volcano starts erupting > dinosaurs flee > some dinosaurs are killed.

2. Aodhan created some scenery while I cleaned the bathroom.

3. We grabbed our Nikon D90 and our plastic dinosaurs. Aodhan set up the dinos and helped me set up the first shot. He was then responsible for moving the dinos to their next locations. I was on camera duty.

4. I downloaded all of the images to my desktop version of Picasa, and selected the ‘make a movie’ option and voila. Not too hard. You can even add music if you feel like it. There is a bunch of different software options out there, I went with Picasa because it is free and I already pay to have a huge amount of google storage – and google makes Picasa, so the two are linked.

Want to watch? Check it out. Or even better – make your own!

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