Stride & Prejudice

So I’ll be playing with this for the next couple of weeks. I remember being in graduate school and baking up the idea of converting Spencer’s Faerie Queen into a video game, and although this new app for iPhone and iPad isn’t in Spencerian stanzas it does appear, at first glance, to follow Austen’s text dead on.

I’ve not had more than a cursory try, and in fact, my 4 year old is currently helping Lizzie Bennet get through Chapter One. The app appears to to be a pixelated version of the main character guiding you through Pride & Prejudice. When ‘play’ mode is selected, the reader has to keep Lizzie from falling down between the words (as one does). You can also opt to take Lizzie on a more leisurely perambulation without the fear of ‘game over’ allowing you to focus on the text.

Stride & Prejudice: Reading and Playing And speaking of re-imagining Jane Austen, have you seen the award winning The Lizzie Bennet Diaries?


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