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Halifax’s New MRA Poster Campaign

This morning Halifax’s @im_adam_barrett shared some shocking images of a new print poster series that have been stapled to the well-wintered telephone …

My favourite Medieval Women

Favourite Medieval Ladies

Margery of Kempe (1373 – 1438) takes the cake for me. In addition to having 14 children, she enthusiastically traveled in the …

Sex Work and Other Friday Finds

Friday Clicks

Did you hear that I have put out a call to all you Marked Mamas? I want to welcome Spring with another …


Selfies and Shifting the Gaze

I responded many moons ago to Jezebel’s myopic and gag-triggering response to selfies, whereby the author suggested that narcissism was the the …

These Things Happened

These Things Happened

It appears that some additional bits from underneath the toilet of humanity have surfaced in the flotsam and jetsam. This photo. Would …